8 Steps To An Effective Social Media Strategy

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Social media relies on a structured advertising campaign. Such procedure that can take time to achieve, but will provide the greatest professional return. Incorporating 8 steps to an effective social media strategy can aid in gaining traffic, build customer relationships, retain loyal clients, and increase sales.

Step 1: Learn Your Target Market

Determining who your audience is with demographics and psychographics. Demographics involves the age, location, education, income, gender and ethnicity of users. This can be achieved through Google adwords or competitor sites.

Psychographics assesses the lifestyles, attitudes, and the opinions of markets. Analyze psychographics with preferred channels, product clarification, brand awareness, and product or service purpose. Data can be obtained through forums, related blogs, and posts.

Step 2: Select the Best Channels

Choose between 1 and 3 channels to get faster and effective results. The channel selection involves a match between your market demographic and social network demographics. Look at top competitor social networks through Ahref's or BuzzSumo.

Step 3: Create a Unique Content Strategy

The direction for content must be based on demographics, preferred channels, and the correct balance for promotional content. The process should involve the creation of quality keywords related to a product or service that may be generated using Keyword Planner or Adwords. These keywords should be entered into the Ahref or BuzzSumo site in relation to the selected channel.

Step 4: Developing a Follower Base

Follower others on social media to gain followers and avoid purchasing them. Quality results rely on shares, re-posts and comments that are absent with fake followers. Quicksprout offers recommendations to attract new followers for particular channels.

Step 5: How to get Great Content Returns

Find a balance between content sharing and promotional efforts as it may look like spam. With twitter, Google and Facebook, keep posts to a maximum of 2 to 3 per day. One post per day for LinkedIn, 5 times a day for Pinterest, Instagram allows for 2 posts daily while blogs should be updated twice a week. This serves as a guideline, but posts must always be tailored to target audience activity.

Step 6: Automation Equals Success

Be consistent in your posts. Waking at 5 am each morning may not prove feasible. Utilize tools for automated posts including Hootesuite and Buffer.

Step 7: Maximize Traffic

Improve traffic by creating fresh content and using older posts. Previous posts should include a different description. Encourage network influencers to share and re-post.

Step 8: Track Your Results

Monitor all efforts to identify what is working and what is not. Determine which posts and content receive the most clicks and re-posts with Buffer, Hootesuites, and Google Analytics. Campaign revisions and tracking numbers are most effective in developing a successful social media strategy.

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