A Beginner’s Guide To The Hashtag

In Branding


Hashtags can be downright mystifying to those who are relatively new to social networking. They remain, however, an invaluable marketing tool for helping businesses gain the attention of their markets, build solid and recognizable brands and capitalize on important trends. Following is a beginner’s guide to the hashtag that will help you make the use of this remarkable opportunity to promote your business and connect with the people you want to sell to.

It is first important to find an idea or event that is generating a lot of interest on the web. If other people are using hashtags to describe these things, odds are, your business can take advantage of these topics as well. Simply find a clever way to connect them back to your industry and the create an insightful, heartfelt post that personalizes your company and allows people to connect.

If there are multiple words within your hashtag, avoid using spaces or other characters. Simply group the entire thought together and then follow it with the pound symbol. This will go at the end of any social networking post that is connected to the idea you want to share.

Don’t be afraid to be original. Just because other companies or consumers have not tried to get a specific topic to trend before this does not mean that you won’t have success in your campaign. In fact, using this symbol strategically is one of the easiest ways for company owners to recognize the incalculable power of the Internet in terms of garnering exponential attention within a very short period of time.

Make sure to share your tag on multiple social networking platforms. This is best accomplished by connecting your social media profiles so that a single post will appear on all mediums. This increases both your audience and the likelihood that your posts will be shared. Make sure to drop a link back to your business into these posts from time to time, particularly when you are discussing an event or problem that your company can help solve. This will make your business seem far more relevant and dependable in the eyes of the consumers you are connecting with.

Avoid overdoing it. Although you might want to create a number of posts to continue supporting your hashtag, don’t force what others aren’t readily picking up. Simply continue researching topics of interest and posting thoughts on ideas that are trending.

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