Best Tips For Email Marketing

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Research has shown that there is a $40 return for every $1 spent on mailing campaigns. Emails remain a popular medium for marketers, and it is accounting for over 7 percent of e-commerce practices and rated as the second most successful advertising strategy next to optimization. Here are some great ideas to incorporate into your email marketing approach.

Create Impact with Subject Lines

The subject line is the first thing a recipient views and determines whether mail will be opened or not. Poor development will lead to customers ignoring emails, newsletters or sales pitches. Be creative, relevant, distinctive and urgent ensuring it identifies the brand including the use of spam checking tools.

Develop Recipient Loyalty

Establish a good rapport with a recipient list to maintain the effectiveness of mail campaigns. Determine where customers are in the process of a sale. Understand whether they are still considering the purchase or require additional information about the brand and industry to close the deal.

Incorporate Quality Images

Utilize color and quality imagery to appeal to audiences and encourage further reading. Careful selection of media prevents it being categorized as spam. 

Call to Action

The email must provide customers with direction towards a specific action you wish them to take. A campaign without a call to action or CTA can lose ROI. Copy must deliver rewards with minimal risk while sales offers prove inviting and less intimidating.

The CTA must be placed on the left side of the email including motivational features to draw users to a button or link with arrows, and other graphic elements. Different CTAs and exciting graphics can be incorporated. The strength of the CTA will assist in working towards market goals more efficiently.

Optimization for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

Most people communicate using their smartphone and require compatibility including the opening of emails. Mobile and responsive design are important to provide users with fast information while on the go. The modern age includes constant mobile use and with faster mail access on handsets, can complete and share transactions easier.

Customers can be segmented without limitations. This includes personalization, creativity, and targeting traffic through selected platforms. Emailing campaigns can produce significant ROI when you execute them correctly.  

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