Discover The Top Tips To Boost Your Social Media Engagement

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Everyone loves it when their social media posts get likes, favorites, shares and pins. After all, this is the whole point of using social media; to gain greater levels of personal influence and attention for your company. Following are the top tips to boost your social media engagement.

Listen to your customers and engage them. These platforms are meant to open the door to two-way sharing. Rather than simply broadcasting messages and hoping that people will engage, use these efforts as an opportunity to listen. This will give you a chance to know more about customer actions and conversations. You can even draft a list of customer Twitter accounts and find out more about the accounts that these individuals are following. Pay attention to the conversations they are participating in and if possible, join these conversations when they are relevant to your business.

Use videos and other visuals to increase engagement. People are more likely to pay attention to posts when they have videos, images or any other visuals. You can post photos of the activities that are going on behind the scenes, infographics, pictures of your products and more. Videos can be informative with step by step instructions or you can have the company owner issue personal updates.

Make a few promotional offers. These can include freebies or discounts for sharing or retweeting posts. This is a great way to get exponential attention for a post. You can make these promotional offers to your existing clients or to people at the point of sale. These offers can be an impressive surprise, especially for people who already intend to buy.

Ask your customers questions in order to get them to engage. People are happy to offer their opinions. Try creating a poll on Facebook that gives consumers multiple choices. With Twitter, people can RT for certain options or favorite for others. RTs will increase online exposure by spreading to other feeds, but favorites will not. Thus, although it isn’t written in stone, this is a great way to identify leads and increase engagement.

Create a call to action. Social media is much like any other sale copy that you produce in that it should definitely include a call to action. Try to be creative with calls to action. For instance, you can encourage people to get their friends and family members to share their opinions. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to improve social media engagement. You simply need to know how to strategically design posts for increasing customer action.

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