Find Out How To Use Periscope

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Periscope is currently generating a tremendous amount of buzz and there is definitely good reason for it. This is an amazing app that allows people to share videos quickly and easily and for any purpose of their choosing. If you are currently using this app for your business or are eager to get started, the following steps will show you how to use Periscope efficiently.

It is very easy to sign up with Periscope. To get started simply download the application on your smart phone. You can then use your Twitter credentials to login via your mobile phone or other handheld device. Twitter and this application are very much interconnected and thus you will have the ability to invite all of the Twitter users that you are currently connected with. You will additionally see a list of the most popular app users. If you intend to follow users that you haven’t yet connected with on Twitter it will be necessary to search for these individuals.

A search can be performed by simply using the magnifying lens that is found on the top, left-hand side of the screen. Your profile can be accessed by clicking on the icon that looks like a person. This will allow you to edit profile info like your bio and to learn which users are following you and viewing the videos that you have posted among other things.

Settings are currently very straightforward and simple. You can choose to be notified when new followers are gained and you can opt to have all of your broadcasts automatically saved. If there are any scopes that you intend to reuse in the future, using the autosave function is highly recommended. This is actually a feature that you should activate right now. It is not possible to save any completed broadcasts and thus, it is vital to be prepared as you move forward.

It is also very easy to broadcast. Before you dive headfirst into your broadcast, check out the different icons that you can choose. If you want people to know where you’re located, share your location. If privacy is an issue, keep your location priviate. When your location is related to either the video or the brand, you might want to make this data available to the public.

You will even have the option of limiting chatting to your app followers. It is always a good idea to leave the door open to new contacts. Send your scope out in a tweet. For additionally visibility, begin your tweet at the beginning of your cope. Keep in mind that you only get 140 character with Twitter and so you should make sure that they count.

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