Pinterest Surpasses 100 Million Monthly Users

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The scrapbooking platform on Pinterest has proved to be one of the most popular platforms online. It is an online pinboard that visually displays images and they have just surpassed 100 million monthly users. If you company is not utilizing the power of Pinterest, you are behind the 8 ball.

This platform was launched five years ago in California and is said to be worth 11 billion dollars. Many online browsers have commented about the advancement of Pinterest. It allows them to pin their favorite images based on their interests.

Most users visit this interesting search engine at least once a month. According to co-founder Evan Sharp, once you discover something interesting, you can save it or click through to the website. More than 70 percent of members are actively engaged every month. Based on these figures, this online platform still remains behind Instagram and Facebook, which claim to have about 300 million visitors.

However, this platform serves a different purpose. The scrapbooking website should not be seen as a social media site. It is simply a catalog of ideas to help people discover new things. On the other hand, Instagram is more of a social service that is similar to a social network such as Facebook, whereas Pinterest can be referred to as a search engine.

The focus of the company is expanding around the globe. The company is now focusing more towards local content outside the US. With over 70 million followers in February alone, they certainly seem to be heading towards the right direction.

Pins can be anything you like. You can even put quotes or recipes not just images. Pins are like bookmarks that allow people to point back to the websites they came from. All they do is add the pin it button and use the website to add their stuff.

Boards are where people can organize and collect their pins. Each of these boards tells a unique story about what people care about. Anyone can follow boards whose pins they really like. It helps people discover new things in a simple and visual manner. If you love something while browsing boards, simply scroll through a category that is already listed online. People can easily connect with each other through shared interests, beliefs, values and hobbies. Be prepared to get inspired by using this search engine in an authentic and creative way.

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