Using Animated GIFs In Your Marketing

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Using Animated GIFs In Your Marketing

Even though animated GIFs are very common, and you can see them in many places online, they are still popular and can be an effective marketing tool. In fact, these images are very simple and are several still images encoded into a single image file. But they come with many benefits, and there are many ways to take advantage of using animated GIFs in your marketing.

Moving GIF Image Benefits

They are easy to use. It is almost like creating an online video, and they take up little space and memory. If the video can tell a complete story, a moving image can tell a partial story, and at little cost to the marketer. These images are a cross between video, and still images and this kind of hybrid is one of the best tools you can use.


Simple images can become powerful call-to-actions. Moving images guide the visitor's eye in a specific direction without interruptions. They are easy to follow and will serve a wide range of audiences. This is essential if you want to present an effective call to action. In fact, this strategy may be just what you are looking for if you plan to implement something new into a business website or landing pages.

Impacting Visitors on an Emotional Level

A single moving image has the power to capture the imagination of customers and potential customers. They can be oh so elegant while also maintaining simplicity. This is one of the best ways to make still images come alive with motion. It's what Cinemagraph is all about.

Connecting with others emotionally gives you a new kind of power. For example, active images can provoke laughter, sadness, inspiration, harmony, cooperation, and just about any kind of emotion you need to sell products or services. This can give you an entirely new media to explore.

Instant Attention

Well-made moving images can capture the reader's attention instantly. This is why you should consider them in strategic areas of your website. For example, to get people to click on the "about us" section, give them an interesting image with motion.

Social Media

You can use animated GIFs in all kinds of social media today. They can give life to an otherwise mundane or boring subject.

New Product Releases

Special images are perfect for announcing new services and products

Email Marketing

Consider adding these special images to newsletters and product updates.

Additional Tools

Special images can become part of tutorials or can highlight certain features of products. Animated GIFs are leading the way to successful business ventures in the 21st Century. 

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