Why Your Business Needs A Blog

In Branding


Blogs offer businesses a great opportunity to spark growth. There are many important reasons why your business needs a blog and here are the two main ones:

1. Increase Traffic to the Site

Every post you create provides a unique opportunity to attract new readers from multiple sources. Blogs increase traffic through:

Search Engine Optimization

Blogging allows you to target multiple keywords. You have the flexibility to target all related keywords and move the website up on the search engine result pages.

Taking Advantage of Social Media

When you provide compelling content, the posts you write will receive more shares on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media networks. Most people will not share a product page unless the product or service is unique or interesting.

Blogging is more engaging and people will share posts with others in their social network if they learn something new.


The goal should be to write great posts that other people want to link to from their own blogs and websites. Whether they expand on an idea, quote a post, or recommend the site as a trusted resource, links draw traffic and improve the site's rank by the search engines.

1. Turn Visitors into Customers

Blogs help companies improve sales. When potential customers can interact with you, they have an opportunity to learn about the service or product you offer. This makes them more likely to do business with you. You can gain trust by:

Becoming a Thought Leader

You can use the posts to demonstrate your authority in the industry. Share your expertise and the readers will trust and respect you. When customers trust you, they are more likely to purchase whatever it is you are selling.

Answering Questions

Many visitors are looking for the answers to questions they have about a specific service or product. Posts should answer the most common questions you hear from customers.

Creating Brand Loyalty

Customers who feel a strong bond with a brand are more likely to remain loyal when faced with choices. You can build strong relationships with customers when you interact with them in a positive way.

With a blog, you can speak directly to any target audience without having to talk to every customer one-on-one. Give them information they can use and they will return to the website and make future purchases.

Starting a blog is one of the most effective and convenient ways to improve conversion rate and drive more traffic to any website.

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